About Us

Over 40 years industry based experience

Company founder Wayne August and son Ryan have developed Lyve Innovations into a leading-edge solution for sustainable winery wastewater processing.

Their innovation and demonstrated success has now been adopted by a US based company Specialty Treatment Solutions LLC, which will enable the technology to grow and meet the demand for these systems globally.

Wayne and Ryan continue to focus on the New Zealand market bringing this proven technology back home to the vibrant and exciting NZ wine industry.

Environmentral Stewardship

Lyve Innovations embodies environmental stewardship in winery wastewater treatment. By integrating advanced technologies and innovative water reuse, our systems can help reduce ecological impact while safeguarding local waterways and ecosystems.

Wine Industry Specific

Many years of experience in the fields of irrigation, wine production and wastewater treatment have given our team a vast collective understanding of the complexities and specific requirements associated with winery wastewater treatment.

The Benefit of using Lyve

We offer scalable, pre-engineered smart systems with reliable remote monitoring. Our eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions enable water reuse for irrigation, and can treat combined wastewater streams, enhancing efficiency and reducing ownership costs.

Ready to revolutionise your winery's wastewater management?

Benefit from our experience. Reuse water efficiently, cut costs, and embrace eco-friendly solutions. With options to treat combined process and wastewater streams smartly. Contact Lyve Innovations today and step into a greener future for your winery!

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