Independent Winery Wastewater Treatment Consultancy

With our 40+ years combined experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and operating winery wastewater treatment systems, Wayne and Ryan understand the site-specific requirements that every winery needs to consider when choosing a wastewater treatment system. We also appreciate the environmental factors, aesthetic impacts and challenges that our clients face.

We offer independent expertise on the type of system that may best fit your requirements.

Our services include:

Tap into our knowledge, experience, and industry contacts to choose the most suitable wastewater treatment processes for your facility with confidence.

Ready to revolutionise your winery's wastewater management?

Benefit from our experience. Reuse water efficiently, cut costs, and embrace eco-friendly solutions. With options to treat combined process and wastewater streams smartly, contact Lyve Innovations today and step into a greener future for your winery!

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