Harness the power of micro-organisms

Bioremediation stands as a powerful and sustainable approach within wastewater treatment, harnessing the natural capabilities of microorganisms to cleanse and purify contaminated water.

Lyve Innovations are NZ & Australian Distributors for the MicroClear range of Bioaugmentation products by Environmental Leverage Inc.

MicroClear® 203 Wastewater Treatment

Biological product specifically formulated to be effective in enhancing wastewater biology in Dairy Effluent Ponds, Aeration basins, Fixed film systems, and trickling filters. Reduces BOD & TSS.

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MicroClear® 206

High potency, bacteria-laden, water-soluble powdered formulation for use in Winery applications. Build up micro-organism populations prior to anticipated high BOD loadings. Lower BOD and TSS for a cleaner effluent for reuse and land application.


Solid Slow Release bio block products that are specifically formulated and packaged for use in lift stations, large restaurant grease traps, portable outhouse, collection tanks and upstream areas from wastewater systems.

MicroClear® M100 Micronutrient Supplement

Specifically formulated and packaged for use in wastewater treatment biological systems to obtain healthier biomass. It has been found to shorten the lag growth time and increase activity, as well as floc formation, BOD removal and TSS removal.

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